Erotic temporary sex tattoos

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nazi maiden

The Dominatrix

Reserected mistess of hate she is the mistress called malice. She will degrade and punish and show no mercy. Her symbols are those of the ancient germanic pagans of the swastika and rune symbols and the totenkopf.


Ready to punish you


The Gimp

Not human or animal but an object of endless personal abuse to be taken out and mis-used and best kept wet and well lubricated when taken out to be used.


Ready to be used

rubber maiden

The Maiden

Sex servant to be commanded to any act of depravity you desire from one whos only desire is to please.


Ready to serve your needs

toxic nurse

The Toxic Nurse

You probably will not get better. In fact your condition could worsen and worsen with every treatment she gives you. She is going to be cruel to be kind and use invasive medical procedures to extact all the poison.


Ready to fix your disease

twisted nun

The Twisted Nun

If you have committed a sin then it probably means that you will have to be punished for it. It will be a time for penance, a time of sacrifice. For to be able to receive redemption you must submit to every sacrifice asked willingly and with devotion.


Ready to bring you to salvation


The Vampire, Succubus, Syren and Seducteress

Danger lurks as this syren will lure you to lay with her only so she can feed apon your own life fluids, extracting them in anyway she chooses and you will under her powerful presence you will willingly give her all she desires.


Ready to feed on you.



The Witch, Sorceress and Enchanteress

The naive should beware of powerful spells and rituals that will have to be performed. Offers may need to be made to ancient goddesses for which only the exacting performce of equally ancient fertility rites will suffice.


Ready to bewitch you.