Erotic temporary sex tattoos

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The preparation

First find the person who is going to wear the tattoo marks on their body. Remember to carefully plan out on which parts of the body they will be placed for maximum effect. If neccessary remove all hair and clean and dry the area before application


The application

Once you have decided on its position, gently remove the protective film and place the tattoo on face down on the bare skin.

rubber maiden

The wetting

Depending on the availability you could get a submissive person to continually to lick and moisten the tattoo. However this is not recommended as it is usually done with too much enthusiasm. A wet but not dripping cloth is usually the better option.

toxic nurse

The pressing

Once sufficiently wet, you should apply a equal amount of gentle pressure to the whole area of the tattoo. Remember do not rub or move the tattoo as this will spoil the end result.

twisted nun

The waiting

With the wet cloth pressing down on the tattoo you now have to wait at least 60seconds before removing the cloth.


The drying

The tattoo now has to attach to the skin so it reqires at least another 30 seconds of drying before you can tentatively lift a corner of the tattoo to see if it has sufficiently attached to the skin. If it has not, add more water to the cloth and re-apply the pressure for another 60 seconds.



The reward

With the tattoo sufficiently attached to the skin, you can now peel away the backing paper and you should have a perfect tattoo for some lucky person to admire. Enjoy!